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Lowest Price Guarantee

If you find a brand name paper or envelope for a lower price on another web site, we will refund you 110% of the difference between the lower price and our price.

Here's how we do it:

  • The paper or envelopes must be currently available for immediate shipping in the same item and packaging put up that is on Paper Express Online Store. No color, basis weight or substitutions of any kind are allowed.
  • The lower price must be published on the competing web site and must be available for verification by our customer service team.
  • We do not offer the 110% guarantee on closeout items or items from Amazon, auction sites, paid membership clubs or eBay Express / close out sites, or trade only websites.
  • Taxes (if any) and shipping charges (if applicable) will be included when calculating the price difference.
  • You may contact us for your 110% price guarantee up to 5 days from placement of your order on paperexpress.ca .

Here are the three easy steps to receive your refund:

  1. Order your paper or envelopes from paperexpress.ca.
  2. Please contact us within 5 days of placing your order and include the URL of the site where you found the paper or envelopes along with any other directions of how to find the paper and envelopes.
  3. We will verify the information, give you a discount equal to 110% of the difference, and email you with your new order total.
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