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Coated Paper

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Get Carbon Copies with
NCR Paper

NCR carbonless paper is a type of coated paper used for creating sales receipts, requisition forms, employment applications, delivery forms, contracts and other sensitive items that may require an immediate duplicate. Otherwise known as carbonless copy paper, this kind of paper serves as an alternative to older carbon paper and is more eco-friendly due to the fact that it’s biodegradable. NCR paper is also easier to transfer than carbon paper, creating a crisp, clear copy. The Paper Express has all of the best carbonless paper for all sorts of business and personal applications.

You will often see carbonless paper defined in parts, with common options such as one-part, two-part, three-part and four-part carbonless paper. Understanding these different options is actually quite simple. With two-part carbonless paper, you’ll get two copies of the document — typically with a white top sheet and a colored sheet below (often in yellow or pink). With three-part carbonless paper, you’ll get three copies of the same document. So, knowing how many parts (or copies) you would like to have will help you narrow down your selection.

Choosing the Right
Carbonless Paper

Besides the number of duplicates required, options to consider when shopping for carbonless paper include color, weight and size. We have a wide range of options with regard to carbonless copy paper here at The Paper Express, from simple white NCR paper to colored and color sequenced styles. One other word you’ll often see with regard to this kind of paper is precollated. This refers to carbonless paper that has been arranged in a certain sequence or set. Be sure to review this factor before making your carbon paper purchase at The Paper Express.


Carbonless paper has been a staple of business forms for decades. Whether you need carbonless paper in 2 part, 3 part, 4 part or 5 part forms in 8 color choices in writing, bond, ledger and tag weights, micro perfed and hole punched options, you'll find every carbonless paper form and configuration you'll need here in our paper shop.

  1. Sappi (Voltage) - Gloss Cover 18 X 12 (1,000 Sheets/Ctn)

    Sappi (Voltage) - Gloss Cover 18 X 12 (1,000 Sheets/Ctn)

    Manufacturer Number: C2SCvGl651812Vol


    Weight: Text


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